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RED Development Group is determined to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from generating the revenue you want, building the team you need, and creating the impact you know you can create.

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RED works diligently to provide a plan to guide you to elevate your business. The 52-week strategic plan they helped me create gave me a roadmap to yearly success. I actually see my business moving forward. RED’s help has sparked my vision and gives me the confidence to believe my long-range business goals will be obtained.

Tracy Harris


The M.B.A. for CEOs Master Coach Training is designed to provide coaches with the 4 C’s


Starter Business Planning

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Success Business Planning

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Executive Business Planning

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RED has a 100% success rate

We offer a 30-day trial period.  If you don’t like the results you’re getting you can walk away within 30-days with no additional commitment.

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Most business owners have no idea what is truly ailing their business. We don’t want to be part of that problem – we want to be a solution.  The building blocks identified in this assessment are crucial to strengthening your business’ chance for sustainability.  Each of the five pillars is broken down into its own score with detailed reports of where your business is lacking.  The results are both eye-opening and refreshing.

Why hire a coach?

All of the greats have a coach.  Athletes, musicians, actors, actresses, and business owners.  Making an investment in a business coach is making an investment in you and your business.  Expansion and growth are new territories for companies.  Having the support of someone who knows the way and the best practices to navigate growth will prove to be invaluable.

RED Development Group’s team of experienced coaches is responsible for helping your CEO, executive team, and Board of Directors focus on what’s most important by clarifying your goals, helping you create and implement the plan that will increase revenue and profit margins, develop the systems/process necessary for sustained growth, and build the team motivated to support your companies growth.

Just as athletes expect that their coach provides direction during the game and training outside of the game, REDs coaches are dedicated to helping you evaluate the current status of your business, determine the steps to your idea of success, and execute your plan that grows your business.

We offer different coaching options from a 3-day group intensive to a 12-month one-on-one coaching program allowing you to get the help you need with the funds you have available.  On average, business owners who hire a coach see a 300% or more return on their investment.  Starting your own business was an investment many of us make with little to no financial resources.  Getting to the next level requires the same commitment.

Rather than hire coaches who have not experienced entrepreneurs, RED employees and certifies coaches who own their coaching firm and have multiple years of coaching experience.  Our coaching team understands the entrepreneurial experience because they share in the journey.  We use an award-winning business coaching system with 24 coaching modules that has proven to help our clients double their revenue in as little as 10-months.

RED has a 100% success rate.  Nevertheless, we want to partner with business owners who are dedicated to work and process.  We offer a 30-day trial period.  If you don’t like the results you’re getting you can walk away within 30-days with no additional commitment.

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