Meet Top Business Coach Collette Portis

RESCORE is pleased to announce that our beloved coach Collette Portis was included in an article by the magazine CanvasRebel.

The RESCORE founders have benefited firsthand from Collette’s extensive coaching experience, and we couldn’t be happier. If you are reading this article, you can see for yourself what she has been able to help us accomplish. The secret to Coach Portis is that she brings the C.E.O. out of each of us. It looks different from business to business, but her mastery is in her ability to develop agnostic of the product or service the company is focused on. Talk about a superpower!

Whether is consulting and coaching through R.E.D. Development, or masterminds through the She Builder scholarship program, Coach Portis will position YOU and YOUR BUSINESS for success.

Check out an excerpt from the write-up and find the full article here.

Collette, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today It’s easy to look at a business or industry as an outsider and assume it’s super profitable – but we’ve seen over and over again in our conversation with folks that most industries have factors that make profitability a challenge. What’s biggest challenge to profitability in your industry?

In the coaching industry there are no licensing requires or regulations. As a result, anyone who decides to help others in any way can set up shop as a coach. One of the greatest challenges in the coaching industry is not understand who you serve, why you serve them and what outcomes you seek to achieve with them. Oftentimes when a coach is engaged what the client gets is a lot of great ideas, but not many usable practices and tools to help those ideas impact the audience they seek to impact. As a result, revenue is greatly stalled making the average annual revenue of a coaching company around $25,000.

Find out how Collette grows her clientele and how she stays agile during these ever-changing times!

Read the full article here!

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