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About Us

RESCORE was created to Redefine Education by Supporting Community Outreach Related to Entrepreneurship in underserved communities.


We are on a mission to help new and existing entrepreneurs and business owners connect to vetted business resources through coaching, and online training on a unified social learning platform in order to build and grow their businesses.


Our vision is to help communities harness the power of their experience and knowledge as a collective and share that by leveraging technology and social learning.

Successful Afrcan Businessman

Mentoring the mentor, is something that we stand by at Rescore. By empowering each student to teach, we help ensure that learning never stops.


As entrepreneurs and business professionals, the RESCORE team noticed a recurring theme. Entrepreneurs in our communities were missing one or more of the three critical pieces necessary to take advantage of services meant to grow our businesses: Availability, Access, and most of all, Awareness. 

Many businesses, for-profit and non-profit, are given opportunities to make resources available to these communities. Attempts are being made to provide small businesses and individuals access to the available resources, but many remain unaware of their existence. Without all three pieces, the actual impact is difficult to realize. We aim to increase Awareness through social learning within these communities and share our knowledge to strengthen our ability to grow our small businesses and create sustainability in our community.

RESCORE will provide a platform that will allow mentors to grow from varying levels of skills and experience, as we believe everyone has something to contribute. Social learning will allow our younger community members to stay engaged and our more experienced mentors to reach more support. We will also give businesses and community organizations, such as local Chambers of Commerce, the ability to show and prove their support by directly sponsoring and mentoring through the platform, at no cost to the participants seeking education.

Proceeds from our fundraising efforts will help create the platform necessary to build unique communities tailored to its members. A robust web application and mobile app will be the portal to these online communities. RESCORE will integrate learning and training features to ensure that 24/7 access is available and its members can contribute to the curriculum. We don’t claim to know each community’s needs but instead focus on providing access to the tools and guidance to help them figure it out.

The goals mentioned above are only the start of RESCORE’s initiatives to increase each community’s ability to see its participants’ SROI or Social Return on Investment. 

While we hope that large businesses and corporations will continue to lend a hand to this effort as they are members of these communities, we must first start with what we have around us. Please help us grow this community, and create more opportunities for sustainability where we live.

Want to support RESCORE?

We are also looking for community RESCORESES (yep… we did that) to help develop our system’s infrastructure and train our data models.  Understanding who is in the community and how they can leverage this platform is critical for its success.  We will use this expanded perspective to create a strong foundation that we can continue to add on.  There is no such thing as a small contribution concerning this effort.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please send us a message at  From there, we will work together to determine how we can help support each other.


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