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Have you ever had a fantastic idea, captured the thought somewhere, and somewhere turned into “can’t find it anywhere?” If so, you are in good company. We often find yourselves gathering our best thoughts in whatever medium we have available to us at the time. After years of doing this, I stumbled upon a solution ensuring I never lose another billion-dollar idea.

Create Powerful Notes!

Obsidian is a powerhouse of knowledge, sitting atop your local folder of Markdown plaintext files. Obsidian provides an easy way to publish notes online and stores all your files as plaintext Markdown files, which only include the text you type. A significant benefit of using Markdown files over proprietary formats with Obsidian is that any personal knowledgebase that you create with Obsidian is future-proof.

Connect your thoughts for future you!

While Obsidian is excellent at taking notes, Obsidian’s real strength is connecting your notes. I would recommend Obsidian as a lightweight, expandable, future-proof app to use for taking notes, given the availability of Obsidian on multiple platforms.

Take it anywhere!

One reason I recommend Obsidian as one of the best note-taking apps is its excellent cross-platform availability. Obsidian even offers mobile apps available on iOS and Android so you can access your knowledge management system while on the go. The excellent apps are extremely sandbox-like, allowing many colors, themes, and note-taking options.

Privacy matters!

Within Obsidian, you can create a few folder structures for organizing your notes. In simple terms, the Obsidian Vault is the folder in your local filesystem (or, if you prefer, in your Dropbox) that obsidian picks up and stores your notes.

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